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 Xerker's Application.

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PostSubject: Xerker's Application.   Sat 17 May 2008, 21:31

Real Name- Ashten
Game Name- Xerker, Xerkerstun, Xerkerhealz, Xerkerpewpew
Character to join with- Xerker, Xerkerstun

Playtime- 3-4 hours/day

Why do you want to join The Frozen Death?

Twisted Evil LFG + 4ever = no fun

What can you do for the guild?

I have 4 years of retail experience, I've played every class and race, and have personally used most builds, and know people in my guild with the builds I have not used. I'm used to working very closely with a small group of elite players, all 18+. I was apart of the team that focused on new content, and passed our knowledge on to the others in the guild. My main charatcers were Tanking Warrior, Restoration Druid, Combat Rogue, and Survival Hunter, but I can play anything, any way.
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Xerker's Application.
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