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 Guild Rules

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Lich King

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PostSubject: Guild Rules   Thu 03 Apr 2008, 11:48

Guys i hope you will understand that i am not making these rules just to show my authority, i create them because i supppose that no one would like to be surrounded by noobs and ninja...and that kind of these are the rules.

1.No ninja in guild (every ninja wich will be found in, will be kicked from guild)
2.Don't ask for promotions because you will be demoted.
3.Don't ask for GM help in guild chat
4.Speak only english in guild chat(if you wanna speak with somebody in another language create you own channel)
5.Becarefull with your language...speak nice with your superriors (Death-Knights and The Lich King)

I hope you will all obey,because these are our guild rules and everything what we do we do for us not for anyone else, so try be respect the rules.

Thank You!
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Guild Rules
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